In the Dark side of the Moon @ MONTANAgallery, Bcn

Solo show by KRAM at MTN Gallery, in Barcelona.

A gravitational effect called “synchronous rotation” keeps the Moon always with the same hemisphere facing the Earth, leaving 41% of the lunar surface hidden behind the rest of the planet forever.

“Every man is like the Moon, he has a dark face that nobody shows.”
-Mark Twain.

The exhibition is a compilation of recent works that address different topics such as travel, adventure, loneliness or mystery. From the daily life of a dreamlike universe of highly humanized anthropomorphic animals, snapshots of an imagined world, loaded with humor and hidden symbolism with winks to the conspiracy, are shown, inviting the viewer to imagine stories that must end with their own experiences and perceptions .

Oppening pics by Germán Rigol.
More images at the Gallery site.

Curated by Ana Dimitrova.

Notes talking about the exhibition :